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Prop Makers:

It’s Who We Are and What We Do.


Are you in need of that custom prop to transform your event or marketing experience from ordinary to extraordinary?


Perhaps your vision is in need of a center piece?


Has your art department helped you sell something that now you need to make a reality?


That is what we do.  We build custom props.  Each project we take on for our clients is made especially for them, to their vision and on their time table. We understand impossible deadlines and no ask is too extraordinary.  Based out of Los Angeles, and working on location around the world, we live to create props that will help deliver exceptional results for Trade Shows, Events, Marketing, Movies and Theatre.


Independently owned and operated, with extensive experience in all forms of fabrication.



We are prop makers and effects fabricators with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We employ only the best mold makers, propmakers, sculptors, model builders, metal fabricators, and electronic technicians. We are open 7 days a week with no rush charges or overtime!


Our belief in our tools allows us to make props of all kinds. No job is beyond our consideration. Need an oversized version of your product? No problem. How about a highly complex mechanical prop? It would be our pleasure!


We work with all raw materials and fabrication techniques in order to help you realize your vision. Some of our work is done entirely by hand and with manual machines, but other times it’s appropriate to utilize our various CNC equipment.


We can cast plastic props that require custom made molds. Sculpt foam for oversized props and laser cut or vacuum form plastic for custom plastic props. Want any of those to have a mechanical or electronic effects? Now you’re speaking our language! If your vision requires materials to be welded, shaped and machined, we can do that too! Let your imagination run wild, and then give us a call.


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What Our Tools Can Do


At Custom Props Inc., what we can create with our tools is often unbelievable.


Through hard work and dedication, we manage to produce breath taking props that can enhance any production.


Some of our capabilities include:

CNC Machining

Metal Fabrication

Foam Sculpting

Plastic Fabrication

Vacuum Forming

Mold Making

Laser Cutting

Custom Electronics


Clients: Why We Get Out Of Bed


As prop makers, we have worked for them all! Making oversized props, life-size props, mechanical and electronic props and other display enhancements for some of the biggest names out there. Whether working along side George P. Johnson Co. to enhance their work for Honda, or working direct for the Pac-12 Conference to heighten their brand presence at the conference tournament, prop making is what we do. No name is too big or small. We are here to help in any way we can to make your marketing or production efforts a success.


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