Lotus Tradeshow Booth

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Lotus Pet Food
March 20, 2019

A Full Trade Show Booth

On this project, we were asked to make the entire Trade Show Booth.  A faux kitchen with lifesize custom prop oven and display freezer.  The booth included oversized props of Lotus Pet Food products, including dog and cat food cans, and dog food and treat bags.  We were asked to include displays for video content with sound and scheduling.  We implemented this using BrightSign digital-signage players. These displays included one centered in the Kitchen and two back to back on the product Kiosk.  The booth also included a 20′ x 8′ SEG Graphic along the backside of the booth and a SkyBanner 15′ square by 4′ in height.

In addition to all of the fabrication, we also crated and shipped the booth to Orlando, FL for Global Pet Expo.  Where we travelled and performed the complete installation and teardown of the booth.